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June 28, 2024: Although Teeter's Telescopes is no longer taking custom orders, Shrouds by Heather is still operating as normal.  We are currently taking orders with a 3-4 week lead time to ship.

Every Shroud by Heather is layed out, measured, re-measured, sewn and inspected with great care prior to shipment. We use only the finest Nylon/Lycra blended materials, which in concert with elastic banding on each end of the shroud yield a light-tight enclosure around the open section of your Truss Dobsonian.


Keep your Truss-Dobsonian's truss poles from rolling around the back of your vehicle on the way to a Star Party and keep them safe while in storage between observing sessions. Each case is made from heavy water-repellent Nylon, features a draw-string cord to keep the poles protected and secure. 

Prevent dust and other nuisances from getting inside your telescope with our dust caps.  Made from the same material as our popular truss pole cases, they are designed to fit securely over the top of your scope.  Can also be used on the bottom of solid tube telescopes for extra protection.

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