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Measuring Your Telescope

Our online store is open for orders shipping within the US and Canada!  Please click the "Shop" link above to place your order after reviewing the below information.

Please note: We do not manufacture shrouds for 2-, 3-, or 6-pole scopes.  Such telescopes do not provide enough structure to keep the shroud from obstructing the light path.



To order a shroud, please provide the following measurements, as indicated in the diagram to the right:

  1. Circumference around where the top of the shroud will lie (usually the bottom ring of upper tube)

  2. Circumference around where the bottom of the shroud will lie (usually top of mirror box)

  3. Length from where bottom of shroud will sit to where top of shroud will sit (usually distance from top of mirror box to the TOP of the BOTTOM upper tube assembly ring)


Truss Pole Cases

Please provide the following:

  1. Circumference of your truss poles bundled together

  2. Length of poles


Dust Caps

Provide the diameter of the opening you need covered, and that's all you need!

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